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Iaofe transformed injectable training in India by introducing live model hands-on training for its professional participants.

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Welcome to IAOFE

Iaofe is a comprehensive professional organization specializing in both esthetics and dental care. Originally focused solely on providing top-tier education in non-surgical and non-invasive facial esthetic techniques and technologies to healthcare professionals globally, the academy has expanded its offerings.
The IAOFE is an umbrella organization of physicians, opthamologists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists, esthetic nurses and professionals who are committed to teaching and learning the available and most advanced techniques from various specialists in creating total facial esthetics.

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Why Iaofe

Iaofe stands as one of the longest-standing academies in India, boasting a team comprised of top industry knowledge providers. Pioneering individualized hands-on training in India, we were among the first to assign participants their own individual clients. Our teaching utilizes the finest professional products currently available in the market.

What we do

Advancing Non-Surgical Facial Esthetics

Multidisciplinary Education

The academy comprises several specialized trainers, each focusing on a distinct subject. The unique approach lies in having each trainer dedicated to teaching a specific subject, allowing participants to grasp diverse techniques from various trainers.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

The academy places a strong emphasis on equipping you with the latest techniques in injectables, enabling you to employ a variety of injection methods to deliver optimal results to your clients in daily practice.

Science and Art of Esthetics

Upon joining IAOFE, our workshop is meticulously crafted to empower you to deliver comprehensive treatment plans to your clients. We prioritize imparting the finest knowledge on utilizing various products effectively.

Professional Collaboration

The academy boasts numerous professional collaborations with various institutions both nationally and internationally. Through these partnerships, we extend training opportunities beyond India, offering courses globally.

Commitment to Excellence

The academy is firmly dedicated to excellence as its primary criterion. We prioritize providing participants with a balanced blend of practical and theoretical knowledge, ensuring comprehensive learning experiences.

Dental Workshop

Dentee Manage offers solutions aimed at improving the dental office experience. Its features include automated data backups, billing statement automation, personal profile updates, appointment reminders, and additional functionalities.

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Dr. Anuya Anil Manerkar