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Multidisciplinary Education:

The academy comprises several specialized trainers, each focusing on a distinct subject. The unique approach lies in having each trainer dedicated to teaching a specific subject, allowing participants to grasp diverse techniques from various trainers.

This diverse exposure aids in comprehending multiple technical aspects, ultimately enhancing participants' skills as practitioners. Furthermore, participants will receive knowledge about various products rather than being limited to a single pharmaceutical product.

This equips them with the ability to choose suitable products for different scenarios based on their understanding.

Cutting-Edge Techniques:

The academy places a strong emphasis on equipping you with the latest techniques in injectables, enabling you to employ a variety of injection methods to deliver optimal results to your clients in daily practice.

Additionally, significant importance is placed on adhering to ethical practices to shield you from unnecessary client issues.

Moreover, a considerable portion of the training is dedicated to managing complications that may arise following injectable treatments. Furthermore, we prioritize training our participants on emerging medical equipment, ensuring they stay updated on the latest products in the market.

This enables them to make informed decisions about the installation and utilization of the best-suited products in their facilities.

Science and Art of Esthetics:

Upon joining IAOFE, our workshop is meticulously crafted to empower you to deliver comprehensive treatment plans to your clients.

We prioritize imparting the finest knowledge on utilizing various products effectively, ensuring that your clients are delighted with the outcomes post-session. Moreover, considerable emphasis is placed on understanding home care products and how to tailor prescriptions to individual client needs.

Recognizing the unique requirements of each client, we equip you with the skills to provide personalized recommendations, enhancing client satisfaction and outcomes.

Professional Collaboration:

The academy boasts numerous professional collaborations with various institutions both nationally and internationally. Through these partnerships, we extend training opportunities beyond India, offering courses globally.

Additionally, we keep our participants informed about upcoming global events, enabling them to enhance their market image. Furthermore, we ensure that participants receive visits from representatives of major product companies at their centers.

This initiative aims to keep them abreast of the latest products introduced in the market, thereby enriching their knowledge base continuously.

Commitment to Excellence:

The academy is firmly dedicated to excellence as its primary criterion. We prioritize providing participants with a balanced blend of practical and theoretical knowledge, ensuring comprehensive learning experiences.

Emphasis is placed on both practical application and theoretical understanding to equip participants with confidence upon completing their training. Additionally, we extend online support to every participant, fostering ongoing learning and assistance beyond the classroom.

Furthermore, regular updates on new workshops aimed at enhancing participants' practice are provided to ensure their continued growth and development.

Dental Workshop:

Dentee Manage provides solutions designed to enhance the dental office experience, through its features like automated data backups, automated billing statements, personal profile update, appointment reminders, and more.

The Dentists can enhance their visibility through Dentee Discover on online platform as they will be listed and shown in the search engine. Dentee Educate updates with the latest happenings in the field of Dentistry.

It lists the various courses, trade fairs, exhibitions and events happening all over the world. Dentee Buy is collaborated with all major brands in dental industry. We have vast range of dental meterials, equipments etc. which are provided at best prices to our customers.